Thyroid panel test result samples

These test results have been supplied from a number of people. They are nameless as it does not matter whose dog they are. They are just to show what panels look like for normal, already HT and possibly future HT so need retesting in the future dogs and as such are just for comparison.

Click thumbnail to see the test results of a young bitch with normal thyroid function

                     Below is the test result panel of an HT Afghan doing well already on Soloxine when the panel was done but who had had dangerously low thyroid levels before being medicated

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Accession No.                                           Owner                       Pet Name               Received                                                     

Species                   Breed                         Sex                            Pet Age                  Reported

Canine                    Afghan Hound         Bitch                   Yrs                                    07:34 AM

                                24.55 kg

Test Requested                               Results                                Reference Range     Units

T3 (RIA)

T3 (RIA)                                        116                                       45-150                         ng/dL

Free T4 (RIA)

Free T4 (RIA)                               1.48                                      0.65-3.00                     ng/dL

T4 (RIA)

T4                                                 3.21                                      1.0-4.0                         mg/dL

T3 Autoantibodies

T3 Autoantibodies                        0.7                                        Less Than 2.0            

T4 Autoantibodies

T4 Autoantibodies                        0.9                                        Less Than 2.0            

Free T3

Free T3                                      2.6  (LOW)                           3.0-8.0                         pg/mL


AST (SGOT)                                16                                         15-66                           IU/L

ALT (SGPT)                                 51                                         12-118                         IU/L

Total Bilirubin                                0.1                                        0.1-0.3                         mg/dL

Alkaline Phosphatase                   18                                         5-131                           IU/L

GGT                                              5                                           1-12                             IU/L

Total Protein                                 5.8                                        5.0-7.4                         g/dL

Albumin                                        3.9                                        2.7-4.4                         g/dL

Globulin                                        1.9                                        1.6-3.6                         g/dL

A/G Ratio                                      2.1  (HIGH)                    0.8-2.0                        

Cholesterol                                   207                                       92-324                         mg/dL

BUN                                              9                                           6-25                             mg/dL

Creatinine                                     1.9  (HIGH) OK for breed  0.5-1.6                         mg/dL

BUN/Creatinine Ratio                   5                                           4-27                            

Phosphorus                                  3.0                                        2.5-6.0                         mg/dL

Calcium                                        9.8                                        8.9-11.4                       mg/dL

Glucose                                        41  (LOW) OK                     70-138                         mg/dL

Amylase                                       528                                       290-1125                     IU/L

Lipase                                           253                                       77-695                         IU/L

Sodium                                         150                                       139-154                       mEq/L

Potassium                                    4.6                                        3.6-5.5                         mEq/L

Na/K Ratio                                    33                                         27-38                          

Chloride                                        115                                       102-120                       mEq/L

CPK                                              25  (LOW) OK                     59-895                         IU/L

Triglyceride                                   52                                         29-291                         mg/dL

Osmolality, Calculated                 305                                       277-311                       mOSm/kg

Magnesium                                   1.6                                        1.5-2.5                         mEq/L.


Accession No.                                              Owner                         Pet Name                

HPBC00037341         ROURKE                                                                     

Test Requested                               Results                                Reference Range     Units

 Thyroid and other levels are good on the current dose of supplement.           Jean


Sighthound                            T4 1-3 μg/dl                 FT4 0.5-1.2 ng/dl         T4AA < 2.0

Optimal Levels                      T3 50-150 ng/dl           FT3 3-8 pg/ml             T3AA < 2.0

   X    Optimal therapeutic response levels should be in the midrange of the resting optimal ranges for all breeds at 4-6 hours post-BID thyroid medication.  Typical doses for sighthounds are those usually used for other breeds.

X   Thyroid levels are fine at the current dose.  Recommend annual full retest along with routine testing


There are two Panels added to this part. The first is an Afghan whose owner wanted to make sure her bitch's thyroid tested normal before mating as she had had some very bad phantoms, the results came back clear. The second is of a dog going to be used at stud, the owners thought he was totally fine but responsibly had tested anyway, the results came back as showing he was not Hypothyroid but had a 'Sick Thyroid' due to another problem which is now being treated, once treated his thyroid will recover totally. This is called a Sick Euthyroid. His thyroid is under some pressure because of another problem. This boy can safely be bred from he is NOT Hypothyroid


Healthy Panel of a young Afghan

A Sick Thyroid Panel of an older Afghan

Note the low Free T4 reading

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